After Hurricane Matthew

Paulownia tree down on the patio.

Basjoo bananas 

The mailbox did not survive.

Basjoo bananas 

Paulownia tree on the patio and Gus

Sweet Gum on the driveway 

Paulownia on patio

Hurricane Matthew 

And now the cleanup begins……


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10 responses to “After Hurricane Matthew

  1. Too bad about the damage. Thanks for the link to crape myrtles. Don’t remember how much sun that deck gets, I hope it will be enough.

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  2. Sorry to see the damage and devastation. Wishing you all the best. Karen

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  3. They sure were wrong with that forecast.

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  4. Looks like it got rough where you are. Glad you are OK, although it looks like you have work to do.

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  5. So sorry for you. I hope it’s not to hard(for me, in Europe, it’s incredible !)

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