Fall bloomers 

I love the Fall bloomers. Not only do they herald cooler temperatures but all have unique flowers!

Colchicum: like a giant Fall crocus

Lycoris: often called Hurricane Lilies in The South as they bloom during the season.

Hidden ginger – Curcuma petiolata

Blue mist flower: Conoclinium coelestinum

Pampas grass: these sharped leaves grasses can reach eight feet in a moist location.

Blood lilies


And visitors to the patio from the garden.

And my favorite, passionflower Incense

Clematis seed heads

Autumn clematis – very fragrant but a heavy vine. This is a six-foot metal lamp post. The vines are cut back to two leaf-nodes in November and grow through the winter such that they are five to six feet in length by spring. The reseed around the garden to the point of weediness.

I have had problems with my Black Dragon crossvine. A large limb fell last January in a snow and ice storm and pulled the 40 foot vines from the Loblolly pine. I cut them back expecting the rapid growth replace them in one season. Something has eaten them to the ground each time they have reached a few feet up the tree. I wrapped hardware mesh around the tree to protect the vines.

The cooler nights are perfect for walking around downtown Raleigh.

And the seasons change.


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6 responses to “Fall bloomers 

  1. Your garden is looking really good. My hidden gingers bloom in the spring. It is interesting to compare other parts of the country.


  2. Laurin Lindsey

    Late summer merging into autumn is my favorite time of years! It is our second spring and I treasure the flowers of this time of year!


  3. Every year, I forget my fall crocus – maybe I will remember now 😉


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