This long hot summer and an update on Gus.

August has seemed to dryer than normal and I have given up on the vegetable garden. I will clean out the tomatoes and chills soon and plant Fall veggies.

The Fall blooming season has begun!

I love the flowering gingers – Hedychium

Morning glories are encouraged by the cooler nights.

Figs love Eastern North Carolina.  They become large, multi-trunked shrubs and are loaded with fruit. You have a fight the birds to get some.

Rose-of-Sharon’s reseed like weeds here!  I never throw them away. I have rows of them along the fences. The surprise with new flower colors and forms when they become old enough to bloom!

Blood lilies are a unique Fall bloomer. These are at JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University. The voles in my neighborhood have eaten the ones in my garden!

Four-o’-clocks will continue to bloom nightly until the first frost which is around Thanksgiving.

With temps near 100 and no rain large-leaved plants like viburnum and hydrangea have dropped many their leaves.

With cooler nights we can walk around downtown and attend events more comfortably! I love the First Friday Art Walks where the galleries stay open late and there are bands outside around downtown.

City Market is the old 1900s cobble-stoned farmers market which is now home to small locally-owned shops.

Old storefronts have been re purposed into craft beer and food restaurants.

And there is a festival every weekend! This weekend it’s Hopscotch Music Festival –

Hmmm, whiskey…. at Ruby Deluxe

And butterflies!

And finally news about Gus. A few months ago his lung cancer had spread and two new tumors had appeared. We switched treatments. The original tumors had not grown but the two new tumors have grown 30%! I have decided to stop the chemo treatment and will only manage any pain or discomfort relying on the doctor’s advice when it’s time to euthanize him. He is about 9 years old and has had a good life!


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10 responses to “This long hot summer and an update on Gus.

  1. Always a difficult time for any one who loves another soul, two footed or four footed. My thoughts are with you.


  2. I was glad to see your picture of the lily. Mine bloomed after many years and I couldn’t remember what it was. We also call them School House or Hurricane Lily. Hurricane Ike may have been the last time it bloomed!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about Gus. I had a black lab and went through similar things, so I know how tough it is.


  4. I totally understand about your situation concerning Gus. We had to put our beloved Lhasa Apso down three years ago and it was a heartbreaking decision for us. Looking back we know it was the right decision but doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest thing. I know what you are going through.


  5. So sorry about Gus. I would definitely fight the birds for my share of fresh figs.


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