Morning blues…

In the early morning the hydrangeas along the North side of the house seem to glow.

They are about five feet tall and were all propagated from one half-dead shrub I found behind the garden shed when I purchased the house in 2003.

Another favorite bloomer is Everlasting Sweet Pea or perennial sweet pea. It comes back each year with pink blooms and climbs over everything. There is also a pale pink and a white one somewhere in the garden but they might have died out like the Purple Haze passionflower which has not made an appearance this year.

Another favorite summer bloomer is monarda or bee balm! The fragrant leaves are used in Earl of Grey tea and flowers all summer. It forms large colonies.

Gus is well and tolerating the chemo every three weeks for the adenocarcinoma in his lungs. The two cancer tumors have grown very little and have not spread according to the radiographs. I will continue with the treatments as long as they are effective!

He has lost about 20lbs and is only 60lbs in weight  but almost just as active!

Summer has definitely arrived! Temps are  hovering around 90f everyday and the humidity is high! This is what the summer tropicals love. The Chinese hibiscus are lovely!

With the high temps and humidity I am usually in the garden by 7 am and chased inside by the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes by 10 am!



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16 responses to “Morning blues…

  1. Boogie


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  2. Carol

    The Gardens & Gus look Great!!

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  3. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Here in Italy they are usually in pots rather than in the ground. Azaleas too. Don’t know why because the climate is very similar, maybe even a little milder. Our temps are barely in the 80s and so much rain. Glad i don’t have to cut grass any more. Best to Gus

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  4. Everything looks beautiful Arthur, and sending lots of positive energy to Gus!

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  5. The flowers are beautiful.
    Hooray for Gus!

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  6. The hydrangeas look fabulous! I never heard of perennial sweet peas…sounds easy.

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  7. Happy Gus is responding!
    And thanks for the photos of the vibrant blooms. Here in PEI, Canada, the lilacs are just coming out and the tulips are in bloom.

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  8. Lovely garden. I like blue hydrangea 🙂

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