Planting of the Spring Vegetable Garden and Update on Gus.


Gus had his first chemo treatment Tuesday so I dropped him off at NCSU Vet School for most of the day. He didn’t seem to have any adverse effects from it. He will have another in three weeks than a chest radiograph to see if the adenocarcinoma in his lungs were affected.

I took the next day off from work, too, just in case he had a reaction. We worked in the vegetable garden. 

I planted four varieties of tomatoes. I grow them on A-frame lattices and I trench them. 

Trenching is when the plants are planted on their side up to the top set of leaves. Roots will grown along the stems and provide addition support during our hot and dry summers.

And I plant them close since they will be on a trellis.

Gus enjoyed the sun and keeping and eye on me!

It was a very sunny day and I was actually sun burnt by the end of the day!



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17 responses to “Planting of the Spring Vegetable Garden and Update on Gus.

  1. I love the yellow azalea. They are very rare here. I hope treatment will go well for Gus.

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  2. I hope Gus has an easy time of it. You’re spring is very far ahead of ours.


  3. I hope Gus’ treatment goes well.


  4. Love all of these pics. The front of the house is just gorgeous. Wishing all the best for Gus. Savor and enjoy every moment with him.

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  5. Hope all goes well with Gus. your garden is so beautiful.

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  6. That from the sunburn, i can relate to. Gus is looking great. Well done for the gardening work!


  7. Beth

    Your Gus is adorable. As this comment is over a year after your post, I sure hope he is well. My beloved cat DandyLion went through chemo last year as well. She had a fibrosarcoma and had to have her front left leg amputated 😦 I’m interested in your a frame trellis system. Do you have instructions, and photos of them?


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