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Some links for gardening and thoughts…


Most gardeners and laypersons like everything tidy and neat. I am not one of those! I like to leave dead perennials in the garden through out the winter for interest and as a narrative to the passage of time. I have a pile of dead limbs in the far rear of my half-acre as a “wildlife” habitat. Some seasons birds will nest there. Other seasons snakes make it their home. I don’t mind the snakes as they eat the voles who do so much damage to my favorite plants. I only have to remember to make noise and move slow enough to allow them time to move away from me.

I come across so many links on the internet on gardening and nature ideas which I share on my Facebook or Instagram pages but thought I would write a post about them. Here are a few.

Building hotels for native bees and pollinators.


Check with you state park office for classes for nature and gardening:


Your local Cooperative Extension is also a good source for education on gardening and nature:


Turn off the TV and get out and walk around downtown or have lunch in a public garden:

A few of my favorite in the Piedmont of North Carolina:

The Sarah P Duke Gardens at Duke University


J C Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University


The North Carolina Botanical Gardens at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Most cities have a website for their downtown areas:


Attend an art event. They are usually free.


North Carolina has a great web list of state-wide cultural events:


Take a cooking class:


Check out my facebook or Instagram for more information and ideas:



P.S. Write a journal.







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