Spring continues!

Spring continues to roll in here in Raleigh!

The Redbuds are blooming!

And the Persian lilacs

And the German irises are budding

And the oxalis are coming up!

I have planted seeds in the vegetable garden for lettuce, arugula, and basil but I am having issues with squirls and birds digging through the soil! More on that later.

On a sad note, Gus, the pitt bull/ black lab mix I adopted in 2009 and who is in so many picture here and on Instagram has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He is having a consultation next week at North Carolina State University Vet School so be expecting an update later…




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9 responses to “Spring continues!

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Gus. Pets are such an important part of a family.

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  2. Poor Gus. I hope he has an easy time of it. I never even knew that dogs could get lung cancer.


  3. Linda D

    Beautiful plants! My heart goes out to Gus and you. Hoping for good news. Keep us posted.


  4. Jackie

    Sorry to hear about Gus. He looks like such a noble beast. no iris blooms in my garden yet — can’t wait for those! Are oxtails the same thing as shamrocks? I didn’t know they can survive the winters in Raleigh.


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