Happy New Year!

I am totally being an old man tonight and going straight home after work. I will either watch the ball drop on PBS or watch a local station to see the acorn drop.

Raleigh is called The City of Oaks and the oak tree silouette and acorns are on everything! The downtown street lights are shaped like acorns, the oak tree is on many city buildings and stationary, and on New Years Eve a large copper acorn is dropped at midnight!


We walked around downtown last night and Fayetteville Street had been closed off and the amusement rides set up! Things are ready to go!

As it began to rain we stopped in to The Mecca for a bite to eat.

Of course, the night began at The Borough after work, as usual!

But it is raining! Another reason to stay home!


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8 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Have a Happy one no matter where you spend it!


  2. I never heard of the Acorn dropping. It looks like fun!


  3. It looked that you had fun, fun ,fun! 🙂 Cheers to the 2016!


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