Christmas on a 77f day!

I traveled down to the coast for Christmas Eve after work. It’s so warm it didn’t feel like Christmas. 77f!

My family has always opened Christmas present on Christmas Eve and eat plenty of food. It’s the usual stuff of ham, turkey, cranberry salsa, and many cakes and sweets!

There is usually seafood, too! Usually something like oyster stuffing and some other fish or shrimp is included.

I came back late Christmas Day. It’s was still in the 70s so, of course, I had to visit the public gardens around Raleigh and see what is blooming!

The J C Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University was my first stop after Cup A Joe.


Japanese winter flowering almond- prunus mume 


Winter flowering iris

And I’m my garden-

Hellebore – many colors.

It’s has been in the 60s and 70s the past few days and even the bananas have grown new leaves.

It’s very strange weather. 

I guess the republicans are when they say there is no global warming! Ha! 😜



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6 responses to “Christmas on a 77f day!

  1. The flowers look great, not a totally bad thing to look at in December.

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  2. You’re lucky! We’re supposed to get snow Tuesday.
    I’ve never heard of the winter flowering iris. It’s a nice blossom.

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  3. Gwendolyn Lee

    Beautiful pictures.


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