Fall at last….

Finally, the Fall temperatures have arrived and the humidity is bearable! The night temps have been in the low 60s and days are becoming shorter.

The cooler temperatures have encouraged the tomatoes and basil to begin growing again!

Which is great for making Pad Thai!

The cooler temperatures seem to make the color of most flowers brighter! These Four-O-Clocks seem almost neon!

And the special Fall bloomers! Colchicums!

The cool nights are great for drinks on the patios downtown! The Borough has the best corner and nothing beats the How do you Q? on the Corner of Dawson and Morgan Streets!

Or inside!

And pumpkins!


And some time to catch up on some spiritualism!


Shouldn’t we be canning something or making preserves?


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24 responses to “ Fall at last….

  1. Fall at last, lucky you.
    It’s still holding in the 95-98 degree days. It’s 10pm and the temp is down to 90 degrees.
    Grin … but a cold front is due Friday evening and Saturday it will only reach 86 degrees.
    Yum, fresh tomato’s and basil it doesn’t get any better than that.
    Happy Gally gardening.


  2. I didn’t even bother with an herb garden this year, which I always look forward to, but glad I didn’t go through the trouble because this summer was brutally hot. I think all the herbs would have died.

    I just bought a basil plant yesterday and am keeping it outside… For now.

    This new “fall” weather sure is lovely!

    Like the post!


  3. Yum! You always cook something good. Do your 4 o’clocks reseed? It was once a favorite plant, until it took over my garden.


  4. That pad thai looks phenomenal! I haven’t had enough tomatoes this summer with all the crazy rain we’ve gotten up here. Jealous 🙂


  5. It’s been a hot, humid summer here which is unusual, so I’m ready for some 70 degree temps.


  6. Wonderful! I canned many beets for later. x


  7. I like your colchicum. And those pumpkins are a sure sign of fall. It’s getting cooler here now and the mornings are darker at 5 a.m. What part of the country do you live in?


  8. Love this post and even though I don’t can or preserve anything, I always thinking of making chow chow when Fall arrives.


  9. Never thought of putting tomato in pad thai. Is that thai basil or sweet basil?


  10. It was such an insanely hot and humid summer here this year. Though it’s hot all year long, the sun isn’t as intense and my garden is starting to recover. Your pasta looks delicious!


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