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In the Piedmont of North Carolina now…

Here in The Piedmont of North Carolina it’s corn season! It’s priced at .50 cent an ear and  I like to eat tons of it fresh from the farmer’s market.


Of course, during the summer I rather grill everything than to heat up the kitchen.

Smother some butter on the ears and wrap the ears in foil. Grill for about 15 minutes or until the desired tenderness is achieved! Easy!

The city is so green right now before the typical heat and humidity kicks in. Temps will begin to hit the 90s this weekend!

 The view from the Cameron Village parking deck shows a sea of green oak trees. They give the city it’s nickname- City of Oaks! 
The garden is blooming:

Garden Phlox


It seems that almost every garden in the South has a hydrangea and a gardenia!

And perennial sweet pea, which is also called everlasting pea because it come back each year, is climbing over everything.


The common day lily is everywhere!

Smooth leaved hydrangea Incrediball is incredibly large!


Southern Magnolias perfume the garden.

And lilies!

These are 5 foot tall specimens at JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU. I have voles in my garden and they eat every lily bulb I plant!

In the coming months garden work will be confined to early morning or late evening times as it is too hot and humid for daytime work.


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