Spring clean!

After two sunny days of temps in the upper 60s so many things are growing! Time for yard work!

The cast iron plants were in need of a good trim. Usually I only remove damaged or dead leaves but this year they are receiving a crew cut!

In a week or two they will be sending up dozens of new leaves. I also took this opportunity to trim back the clumps of roots and move plants away from the paths.

Gus supervised!

The old fashioned hydrangeas received a good trim, too. They were taking over the parking area and had some snow damage. They are large and beautiful in the summer as the pictures I posted last Summer demonstrate!

I simply followed the limbs back to the strongest bud and cut. Many cuttings will be made for rooting pots!

After about three hours of work Gus says it’s time for a nap!

I agree! Or at least a grilled cheese sandwich!



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12 responses to “Spring clean!

  1. You’ve reminded me that I need to cut back the hydrangea. Last year I skipped it and got 2 blooms as a reward.

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  2. Garden is a lot of work, but it saves on a gym membership.

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  3. Gardens and doggies, if only I could too… 🙂

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  4. mdestef

    2 days in the upper 60’s befor 3/13, Im jealous. Looks like a lot of work, but at least it will be rewarding.

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  5. After working hard in the garden, you need that tasty grilled cheese sandwich, for sure!


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