Daily Archives: March 13, 2015

Spring clean!

After two sunny days of temps in the upper 60s so many things are growing! Time for yard work!

The cast iron plants were in need of a good trim. Usually I only remove damaged or dead leaves but this year they are receiving a crew cut!

In a week or two they will be sending up dozens of new leaves. I also took this opportunity to trim back the clumps of roots and move plants away from the paths.

Gus supervised!

The old fashioned hydrangeas received a good trim, too. They were taking over the parking area and had some snow damage. They are large and beautiful in the summer as the pictures I posted last Summer demonstrate!

I simply followed the limbs back to the strongest bud and cut. Many cuttings will be made for rooting pots!

After about three hours of work Gus says it’s time for a nap!

I agree! Or at least a grilled cheese sandwich!



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