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Easy whipped cream and cream soaked fried toast!

I am an economist! I hate throwing anything away! So I had some whipping cream in the refrigerator and a French baguette which was not the freshest! Milk and bread and this what happened!

It’s kind of like a German style French toast. Soak slices of the day old baguette in milk and then fry it in just enough hot oil to brown it.

I like them a golden brown. Remove and leave on paper towels to drain a cool. The cream in the bread will be very hot!

Making the whipped cream.

Place the cold whipping cream in a container with a little sugar to sweeten- if you wish.

Shake vigorously!


After about 15 minutes or so- BAM!


A dollop on the fried bread- mm


And now you can go to the farmers market and look at pumpkins!


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