Another sign the Summer is comming to an end: Autumn Clematis

The Autumn Clematis are beginning to bloom. They are so fragrant and bloom heavily such they look like snow! The fragrant is so strong that the scent drifts up to 20 feet with a breeze!

After the blooms, fluffy seed heads form which can last all winter. They can be weedy as the seeds readily germinate all over the garden.



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10 responses to “Another sign the Summer is comming to an end: Autumn Clematis

  1. It’s a beauty but I wish it had waited another month or so to bloom.

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  2. It’s a beautiful plant, such abundant blooms.

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  3. oh… I’ll pretend that i didn’t read the topic… Summer lasts forever..

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  4. I LOVE this plant and I got it from someone as a small seedling from their yard. It has taken over an arbor and the bees LOVE this plant. I can’t imagine fall without this plant….yours is dancing around the post and looks so natural:-)


  5. I love Autumn clematis, though sadly I don’t think I’ll see much this year, my largest one (it completely covered a sizable arbor) died completely last winter. I have hoped all summer that it would come back up, but I guess it just got a bit too cold.

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  6. It’s a beautiful vine, one of my neighbors has it growing on his fence against the alley. I’ve heard some warn it can be invasive, though.


  7. Love how you know summer is coming to an end. This has been a very cool summer in New Hampsphire…we have only had three days in the 90’s. In our orchard, the apples are turning red and the leaves in the forest around us are starting to get color so I too know that summer is coming to an end.


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