First sign of Fall- Hurricane Lilies

Hurricane Lilies are the first sign of Fall. Lycoris are also called Surprise Lilies because their flowers seem to pop up overnight!

The leaves come up in the Fall, survive through Spring than die in early Summer, and in August the flowers pop up!

Lycoris radiata below.


There are several species and hybrids which range from red, to yellow, to pink, and a few with shades between, along with white.

Lycoris squamigera below.


They seem to be everywhere in gardens along the coast of North Carolina. I have had difficulty getting them established in my garden here in the Piedmont. I will continue to any a few bulbs every year in the hope I will some day have a grand colony here in Raleigh!



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16 responses to “First sign of Fall- Hurricane Lilies

  1. Great to have a flower which lasts through the winter!

    Hope you can establish some yourself.


  2. Over on this side of the Gulf, Oxblood Lilies are called hurricane lilies or school house lilies as they tend to bloom in September. Common names are so interesting.


  3. Beautiful & special Lilies! So Waw even! 😊

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  4. Nice to find a page with a garden than can grow tropicals. I find so few that are relevant to my climate. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden. Here are a few photos from mine if you’re interested.

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  5. ‘Hurricane Lily’ is an alarming-sounding name.

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  6. A beautiful lily that I wasn’t familiar with. Hopefully you will be successful growing them.


  7. sonisin

    Ooh they look lovely!!

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  8. I have been noticing those around here, do the grow from a bulb?


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