Now showing… What’s blooming in the garden now.

Now showing… What’s blooming in the garden now.

The gardening is becoming thick with foliage! Its so lush with all the rain and the increasing heat and humidity. The season has progressed from the Spring bloomers to the early Summer bloomers. The irises are really putting on a show.

This is a yellow water iris (Iris pseudacorus). It is growing in the lowest area of the yard in a pocket which is moist most of the time.


Pink Primrose (Oenothera speciosa) growing in the front bed among German irises. It can be a little weedy but its a good thing!


Blue Light clematis on the front side of the house. It opens up like below….


Within a few days becomes this ball.


And many German irises. The variety below is all over the yard. They were salvaged from a yard which some yuppies purchased and cleared everything out. They were all piled in the street.  I was glad I stopped and inquired!


And no day is complete without a Iced Mocha Latte from Cup-A-Joe.


And Oliver. Andy’s cat. He has a little attitude!











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20 responses to “Now showing… What’s blooming in the garden now.

  1. lundygirl

    The irises are looking beautiful.


  2. Gwendolyn Lee

    Your blog is awesome. You paint just a beautiful picture in your descriptions ☺


  3. Beautiful irises. I had no idea clematis did that. The garden is looking good.


  4. I had a clematis much like that one named “Ramona.” It’s nice to see the irises.


  5. Glorious flowers! Your green thumb is positively enviable.


  6. Nice irises and Oenothera .


  7. Lovely iris, I can’t imagine chucking them into the street!
    That yellow iris is elegant, we have some in the fishpond; I’d like it better if it didn’t take over so happily. It is tough; I saw it once filling a swale in Orkney: full exposure to the entire North Atlantic (and it had to get salt spray in winter storms) didn’t seem to bother it a bit.


  8. I love German Irises! They’re so regal looking.


  9. Your flowers are blooming & are looking very pretty! That iced mocha latte is calling my mouth,…because it is very hot here now: 28°C!!


  10. Hi Arthur — I recently moved to a new house in N Raleigh with a gorgeous garden! I am trying to learn all the flowers that are back there and you listed several of them here. Our garden has been in bloom since April when we moved in. New things coming out every day! Irises were beautiful and now the lilies are just getting started. I looked for a Raleigh blog that I could follow so I can see what to plant when, for this area. So happy to find your blog!


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