Yellow clouds and the planting of the vegetable garden.

As I am planting the vegetable garden my eyes begin to burn and sting then I remember: pollen!

The North Carolina State tree is the Loblolly Pine. They are the most common tree and in the past they made the British colonies wealthy with the production of tar, pitch, and timber.

They also produce pollen in abundance. They are wind pollinated and the Spring breezes blow the pollen from the male to the female cone. The cones mature in two seasons producing the nuts the wildlife depend on to make it through the winter.

Unfortunately, the yellow clouds of pollen are very messy and I like to blame my allergies on it but the scientist say oak pollen is probably worse! It covers everything!

With any case, everything is yellow for a week or two. Keep the windows closed!


Each spring I add a fresh bag of soil to each of the vegetable garden raised beds.


I then rake it out even and attempt to remove twigs and refuse.


The tomatoes and cucumbers are grown on A-frame trellises so I plant them very close.


The A-frames are placed on the raised beds. They create a great shady place to grow heat sensitive vegetables during the summer. Although, the high humidity here in The South doesn’t help you with lettuce or radishes! I do have to add that I love how the radishes become hot and spicy when I attempt to grow a crop during hot weather!


I am on staycation this week so you’ll probably hear from me again!


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17 responses to “Yellow clouds and the planting of the vegetable garden.

  1. Wow! I didn’t know that loblolly was your state tree. You must have more than us.


  2. I went through life not being allergic to anything and then I turned 50 and became allergic to everything. I’m still wondering what happened.
    That’s a great way to grow tomatoes. Our tender plants can’t go in for another 6 weeks.


  3. Weare ready for our garden too! There has been a lot of sunsgine lately over here, everyday it has been 23°C! 🙂 Your tomato plants will get stronger & taller each day! 🙂


  4. From experience, I can tell you scientists are correct. Oaks are the worst. Every spring the huge Live Oak which fills the entire front yard, hanging over the driveway, spews a solid lime green mist over everything. This goes on for almost 2 weeks. Looking forward to watching your garden grow. Enjoy the staycation!


  5. Don’t think I’m allergic to oak pollen but hayfever is not what gardeners need is it. Your frames look good and I bet your soil is in good condition!


  6. I like the A frames for your tomatoes. Without fail, I can’t resist exciting new tomatoes and I plant too many. Maybe it would help me pack them all into my little garden.


  7. I didn’ t know Oak pollen is the worst, I thought it was Willow. But then I have a lot of willows, their pollen sits like a layer of scum on my pond.
    I am interested to see your veg beds. I am in the process of building raised veg beds and it is interesting to see how other people manage them. I like your A frames.


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