Spring is blooming!

Spring is here! I will be busy in the yard for the next few days but thought I would share a preview of things to come!

Forsythias are blooming! I purchased these from a clearance rack at a big box store so they are lopsided and lived a rough life last year with the erratic care they received at the big box store.  This year I will clean them up and work on getting them back to a more natural shape and form!


Last year I planted a Scarlet Storm Quince on each side of the front steps. Quince are great early Spring bloomers but they always look thin and scraggly! I guess the early blooms make up for a not so attractive shape?


I have been finding some good books at the thrift stores. A cookbook for dogs? I hope Gus likes my experimenting with his tummy?


Tomorrow will be a full day in the vegetable garden preparing the beds for Spring and general clean up in the yard.  The temperature has been to almost 80f the past few days and I can see now what has survived and what needs a very hard trim.

More to come…


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8 responses to “Spring is blooming!

  1. I love Forsythia, always a pity that it doesn’t stay around for very long.


  2. It’s nice to see the blooming shrubs. We saw 62 degrees here today so it won’t be long now.


  3. kitchenriffs

    We’re getting daffodils and a few other things, but we’re really a good two weeks away, I think. Can’t wait!


  4. Hey thanks for finding my blog and leaving a “like,” Whenever I see a new person drop by I return the favor and REALLY like what I see! Say hello to your newest follower!


  5. The garden is looking good and I LOVE the books you found!-Karen


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