It it Spring?

A very noisy thunderstorm moved through the area about 5:30 am and woke everyone up! A thunderstorm in Winter?

Today’s temperature is a result of that warm and moist air and is very enjoyable!


Many Spring plants have begun to grow and a few are blooming. I think it’s time to plant the Spring garden?


I am loving this hellebore!


But sometimes Gus has the right idea:




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11 responses to “It it Spring?

  1. I wish you could put a big fan in your yard and blow some of that weather up this way!


    • Hehehe. Not out of the woods yet! Feb/Mar are when we typically have snow because the winds begin to blow from the South from South Carolina and the ocean with very moist air which freezes over land and falls as snow!

      Last killing frost is usually mid to late March.


  2. Let’s hope the better weather holds up!


  3. I’m definitely ready for spring.


  4. It turned much milder early this week. I enjoyed it while it lasted. All of my plants are still under anywhere between one and four feet of snow.


  5. Waw, 70 F is 21°C!!! That is hot! A beautfil spring garden!


  6. I am SO envious of your weather! And I love your sweet pup!


  7. I’d love to have a little of that warmth to melt our snow but am happy to enjoy your blossoms.


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