My love affair with shrimp…

Having lived the first 23 years of my life on the coast of North Carolina seafood was present in just about every meal! Shrimp must be my favourite because it requires very little preparation!

Boiling the shrimp seems the easiest and least messy. Basically, you bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Add salt or season if you wish. In 2 to 5 minutes the shrimp will be pink and cooked!


Grilling is just as easy. If you put the shrimp on skewers remember to soak the skewers in water so they do not burn!


Ether way, they are lovely!



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6 responses to “My love affair with shrimp…

  1. I hope your warmth lasts. They say we’re going to see below zero temps here that might last for the better part of two weeks.


  2. MMMMM,… I am also a big schrimp lover, a lovely tasty recipe!


  3. Julie

    I hate to burst your love affair, but read this:

    It’s a shame, because I used to love shrimp too.


    • No store purchased item is good for the environment. Like the fad of quinoa. The demand has made it so expensive the traditional peoples who ate it can no longer afford it. Then let’s talk about the titles of ” natural” and “free range”. They don’t mean what you think they do!


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