Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside…

The Piedmont of North Carolina reached a low of 9f Wednesday morning. The Polar Vortex had arrived!

Unfortunate, these freaky lows wipe out the marginal hardy plants.

This Mother-of-Thousands kalanchoe has lived outside for years. It becomes frost damaged when temps drop below 25f so it didn’t look so good this morning! It forms many baby plants along the leaves which drop off and form new plants.


The rain barrels were frozen solid!


As were the bird baths!


The hellebore continue to bloom, although, the cold weather slows down their growth.


Today it is warming and the temps are expected to reach the 72f by the weekend! Crazy mid-Atlantic weather!

Gus and I did spend time in the Winter sun cleaning the fallen oak limbs from the yard. He has to chew the ends and work on breaking the limbs into small pieces.


We have two months until Spring. This is when I will know what survived 9 degree temperatures! It will be interesting!



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