We have experienced our first frost. It was very light and a only few plants were affected.

The morning glories leaves were wilted but the passionflowers were unharmed.


The pyracanthas are loaded with berries.


They are not a favorite with the birds so they last on the plants until Spring.

Around Downtown Raleigh:

A few yarn bombs have appeared around Downtown Raleigh. They are cute and add some whimsey to downtown.


This one has a tag: Drop Stitch Duo. They have a Facebook page.


It is great to live in such a dynamic city with an active art scene!


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9 responses to “Frost…

  1. looks like fun, here we have temperatures in the high 20’s – today it was 27°C – my chili plants are still happy, I am starting to wonder where to put them over the winter, I have around 20 plants and not much space….


  2. We’ve had a few hard frosts here. I’ve read that bushes with berries that get shunned by birds usually have berries with a low fat content. The birds go for the higher fat berries first and eat the lower fat berries when there isn’t much else left.


  3. It’s been getting cooler here…40s and 50s.


  4. Frost already? Our first date is Dec. 6th, so I will still be weeding and bug killing. Actually, neither ever die here. Do you get a winter break in the garden or is there always something to do?


  5. I recall growing up with a large pyracantha that used to stick the hell out of me. The birds left it alone for the most part but late in the season they’d eat the fermented berries and fall off the plant, drunk. It was pretty funny in its own weird way… especially to a kid… 😉
    Best to you,


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