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Chilly nights and apples!

The nights have been very chilly! With temps in the upper 50s, Gus will often come upstairs and try to sleep in my bed. I don’t blame him. I have a heated mattress pad which makes my bed toasty and warm.

When he first gets in the bed he is wide awake !


Then his eyes become heavy as he tries to stay awake.


And, finally, he is out and down for the count!


He is an active dreamer, too. It is not uncommon for him to twitch and kick with an occasional growl or some sort of noise.

He had TPLO surgery on his left hind leg after he tore the ACL last Fall. This is where they cut the knee joint, reposition it, then bolt it with a clamp. It is suppose to prevent the joint from slipping again and tearing the ligament. I am not sure about that but I am sure it cleaned out my bank account!

The farmers markets are full of apples from the North Carolina mountains.


I will have to come up with a few recipes for these lovelies!

It also looks like the kids were competing for a pumpkin decorating contest.



Back to those apples. I am sure I can think of a few recipes to put them to a good use? We will see!


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