A chilly day in the garden.

It’s a cold, wet, and chilly day in the garden. Pine straw and leaves are falling from the trees but there are still many plants blooming.

Ginger lilies (Hedychium coronarium)


Pineapple sage (Salvia elegans)


The pineapple sage grew much larger than expected! It’s about 5 feet tall and as wide. It has taken over the herb bed!


And the arugula seeds have germinated, too! I see a salad in my future!


I love the Fall changes in the garden!


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8 responses to “A chilly day in the garden.

  1. Pineapple Sage really needs a good pruning to make it grow back better… I love fall too 🙂 *Brigid


  2. Lovely to look at! 🙂 It is over here also chilly!


  3. I wish it was chilly here. We had a break and now back to the mid 80’s. You will have some nice fall salad soon. I will be waiting to see what you make.


  4. We had another light frost yesterday morning. It’s almost time to start digging leeks.


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