Random thoughts and pictures…

We have received plenty of rain this summer. Everything has grown so lush. The view up the drive of the garden gate is very impressive!


We walked part of the Raleigh Greenway I like to call Capital Swamp because it has a long boardwalk over a marsh and pond. There were many turtles and young ducks.


It’s very amazing this area is so close to downtown!


Parts of the greenway are also wooded.


And there were several Great Blue Herons today!


Of course, we had to stop by India Mahal for lunch!


Back in the garden the Bumble bees were enjoying the Rose-of-Sharons (Althea) which were coming into their blooming season.


They come in shades of blue/purple, red/pink, and white, and either have red throats or plain throats. The seed prolifically so there are many volunteers!


They can grown into large shrubs/small trees so I like to trim them back to about knee high every five years or so.


Beautiful and easy!


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22 responses to “Random thoughts and pictures…

  1. Great photo of the bumblebee!


  2. Great shot of the bumblebee!


  3. You are lucky to have rain. We are still way below our yearly average. Parts of my back yard used to be a muddy bog, but no longer. I will take your advice on the Rose of Sharon as mine is getting too big.


  4. you live in a wonderful place, swamps and turtles and indian restaurants, great post


  5. Beautiful! I wonder if there are any native orchids growing in the wetland.


  6. Beautiful pics of nature but that luch looked pretty tasty! 😉


  7. It’s been an odd summer. A couple dry spells between long bouts of rain. Hot, then cool, then hot again. That’s a really nice greenway you have in Raleigh. Since you like Indian food, if you are ever in Chicago you have to go to Devon Avenue – the biggest concentration of Indian shops and restaurants in North America.


  8. Lovely photos, the one with the bee is great! Your meal looks scrumptious.


  9. My Hibiscus (your Rose-of-Sharon) have never seeded and am surprised that a shub seeds so easily. I have several kinds too as they flower in late July and August when not much else is flowering.


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