Stracciatella with kale.

On Saturday mornings at Rebus Works there is The Saturday Market which brings together local farmers and sometimes crafters near Downtown Raleigh. I stopped by there Saturday morning and picked up some kale along with a few other things. They also have a large urban vegetable garden and chickens. I always love checking those out, too!

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Stracciatella with kale

If you love egg drop soup you will love Stracciatella with kale. Stracciatella is an Italian or Roman-style Egg Drop Soup. My recipe has a strong flavor which is given by the kale. If you want a milder flavor you may use a milder green. You may also reduce the water/stock ratio to equal amounts to reduce the chicken flavor. Vegans/Vegetarians may substitute vegetable stock.


  • 4 cup chicken stock (one box)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 cup shredded cheese
  • 4 cups Greens that have been torn into ribbons
  • Two eggs
  • Salt
  • Pepper

1) Bring the water and broth to a boil.  Reduce to a simmer and add the greens.


2) After about 8 minutes the greens should be tender. Add the shredded cheese and stir to incorporate as the cheese melts.


3) Bring the soup back to a boil. Beat two eggs in a measuring cup. Quickly stir the soup to get it spinning in the pot. Drizzle the eggs into the soup in a thin ribbon.


4) Remove from heat and keep stirring to break the eggs up. The eggs will cook as soon as they hit the hot soup.


5) Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with an Italian loaf!


You may add nutmeg or ground chipotle for a bit of a ZING! A small chili would work, too! Hmm, even a squirt of Sriracha would be nice, as well.



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10 responses to “Stracciatella with kale.

  1. themysticalmansion

    Now, that is worth a try!


  2. trevorsisboom

    I love the idea of this soup! I’m somewhat new to the kale party and have been looking for things to do with it other than salad. I really like this one and it will be fun to play around it.


  3. I’ve never had a soup quite like this, sounds intriguing!


  4. It looks a yummieeeeeeeeee great dish!!


  5. I will have to try your soup using kale from my garden later this year…that is if the critters let me have some this year. If not, I’ll use spinach. 🙂


  6. I’ve just joined a local CSA – Farm stand where I don’t have to do any work!
    I’m going to file this recipe away as it may come in handy with the greens they provide. A few years back, belonging to a different farm-type co-operative I was introduced to some veggies I wasn’t familiar with.


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