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Inspiration from the clearance aisle!

Sometimes you find inspiration for a new garden bed on the clearance rack at your local nursery. I am such a bargain shopper! I love the challenge of bringing a plant back from near death and a few years down the road I brag that I only paid a few dollars for that now beautiful plant.

I found the below Blue Flag Water Irises on clearance and decided they would make an excellent border around my pond that is only half buried.


I am also not against taking plants others have thrown away for garbage. The below St Joseph’s lilies ((Hippeastrum x johnsonii) came from a pile someone had placed on the curb. There must have been thirty or forty? There were enough that now I have them down the drive and around the patio. This is historically considered the very first hybrid amaryllis and it multiples freely!


This iris came from a curbside garbage pile,too!


These Oakleaf Hydrangeas were from the clearance aisle of a nursery a few years ago. After a few seasons of care they are beautiful! Hard to believe I only paid a few dollars for them.


And, yes, even Gus was a discount dog. He came from the local dog shelter!

Pass-a-long plants are a wonderful way to grow your garden on the cheap! Keep an eye out as you are driving around as you may never know where your next idea for your garden may come!



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