The pine and oak pollen season is coming to an end!

For those of us with pollen allergies this is our most anticipated time of the spring season!

The pine and oak pollen cones are falling and it’s windy today with a chance of rain showers this afternoon! This means the pollen may be gone very soon!


The male cones of the pine are called microstrobus and the female cones are called megastrobus. This makes sense considering their size in relation to each other!


The oak pollen catkins are falling, too. Their pollen can be almost as bad as the pines. It just depends how many are in you neighborhood.

Once all the pollen is out of the air it’s time for a thorough Spring cleaning, especially the window sills and storm windows!


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5 responses to “The pine and oak pollen season is coming to an end!

  1. We already had our pine pollen season. My house is surrounded by pines and I made the mistake of putting black slate on my porch and it turns green with pollen. I just sweep a path until the pollen is finally gone and then haul out the power washer. Forced spring cleaning!


  2. I am lucky to be unbothered by pollen, but I rejoice in your impending relief.


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