Ready the garden hardware!

I took advantage of a toasty Spring day to add new soil to the vegetable beds and remove the trellises from the garden sheds and place then on the raise beds.


I am totally suffering from Spring fever!


The Asian Magnolias are very fragrant on warm Spring days!


This graffiti or as I call it “street art” says it all!



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11 responses to “Ready the garden hardware!

  1. Jo

    I have just discovered your blog, which I can see is going to become a frequent destination. Your recipes look delicious, and I am very impressed by your raised bed trellises. I will be converting some of my lawn to raised vegie beds this year, and that trellis idea is brilliant. Thanks!


    • Thanks. When I purchased this house 10 years ago it was mostly lawn. I have battled voles, squirrels, and my neighbours English Ivy covered trees that seed my garden in ivy seedlings which have to be pulled by hand. I have been slowly learning how to blog and photograph effectively so keep watching! Hopefully you will see my blogging and photography skills grow and mature! Thanks for reading!


  2. You are so, so lucky Arthur! we had at least 8 inches of snow today. I would give anything to see a magnolia tree in bloom right now!


  3. Tray & Frances Baugh

    Good job! Save some veg. for me!


  4. thatoldschoolgirl

    love the trellises, what a great idea


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