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More Spring bloomers and trimming of the beauty bush.

More Spring bloomers are making an appearance. Daffodils and crocus but also a Iris reticulata. This species tends to putter out after a few season and this is the only one I have seen this year out of the dozen I planted a few years ago.


A unique daffodil:


More daffodils:


Digging in the yard and garden of this house built in 1959 I find many unusual things.

I found this sock today in the vegetable garden. The raised beds were filled with bags of garden soil years ago so I guess it has been in there for a few years!


A few days ago I was leveling a stepping stone a mole had disturbed and found concrete with a pipe sticking out of it. I guess the previous owner had some sort of bird feeder or plant hanger? Or she may have placed it there to support this camellia?


I usually find a brick or a piece of pipe placed next most of the old shrubs in the yard. When the neighborhood was built in late 1959 this was way out in the country! Now it is only a few miles from the old downtown area.


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