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Hardy begonia Barbara Rodgers

Did you know there are winter hardy begonias? They are root hardy here in zone 7b in central North Carolina.  By Fall, they are leggy and look like miniature bamboo plants about three feet tall!


You can use this as an opportunity to root cuttings. This variety is Barbara Rogers and it grows about 3 feet tall and about as wide with large white flowers. This plant was added this year and only has four or five stems.

They will die back to the ground at first frost so you can make cuttings by cutting the stems at ground level.


You may place several cuttings per pot to make a nice clump the first year.


Each stem can but cut into several cuttings each with a few set of leaves and with a few nodes without leaves for roots.


Remove the leaves from the lower nodes to allow for good rooting as any leaves that are underground will only rot.


Keep them moist and in a shady location. It will take a few weeks to root. Protect them from freezing temps while they are in pots as they may be tender.


In the Spring they should be ready to plant in the garden! There are several varieties with various colours and flower shapes. Plant Delights has a nice selection!


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