Spring in the winter. A walk along Capital Swamp Greenway.

The weekend weather was spectacular with temperatures in the 70s! Many Spring plants are blooming early, as well as the Winter bloomers!

Saffron Crocus in my garden.


Prunus mume at JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU.


Daffodils at JCR.


Hellebore in my yard.



We decided to visit one of the greenways in Raleigh. My favorite greenway is what I call the Capital Swamp Greenway. It has a boardwalk that winds through a swamp, over a large and shallow body of water next to Raleigh Blvd, under Capital Boulevard, and then heads toward Wake Forest Road. It runs along  a heavily wooded section of Crabtree Creek once you leave the swamp area. Wildlife is abundant and its not crowded most days.


The Gazebo and boardwalk along the marsh at Capital Swamp.


Many turtles were sunning themselves on the warm day.


Looking North from the boardwalk over the open water. There is a beaver den in the background.


Looking North toward Highwoods Business Park over the open water.

I like to park at the lot on Crabtree Blvd just off  Raleigh Road inside the beltline. Its just a short walk to the boardwalk. We then walk all the way  almost to Atlantic Avenue. Its about a two mile walk.

There is an app you can download for free. It locates the greenways using GPS and also will track your mileage and time. The link is below.

Raleigh Greenways

The program shows the entire 77-mile greenway system including parking and weather. There is a ‘see,click,fix’ option for reporting repairs, fallen trees, or potholes.



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13 responses to “Spring in the winter. A walk along Capital Swamp Greenway.

  1. Real nice wish we were there going thru it with you two. Don & Josh


  2. Nice walk and what gorgeous flowers! Thanks for checking out my blog.


  3. A very nice tour. Thank you. I’m actually turtle ‘sitting’ – but they can’t sun themselves outside – especially with hail on the way. Low cloud cover did not let us reach into the 60’s last weekend.


  4. Love the turtles! And of course the Prunus mume…


  5. A lovely tour of your area, Arthur. The climate where you live sounds very different to ours in the UK ~ but our flowers and shrubs are the same! Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking it!


  6. Great photos, thanks for commenting on my blog.


  7. thatoldschoolgirl

    so jealous….I still have a lot of snow


  8. Nice to see Spring coming so early We’re still in winter here in Seattle tho my Lenten Rose is also in bloom or starting to anyway. But the trees have a ways to go still. Thanks for sharing these photos with us, and for visiting and following my blog. All the best to you.


  9. What an interesting blog,
    I enjoyed reading about your walk Along the board walk. Thank you for visiting my blog.


  10. You have beautiful photos! I’m afraid we are a few months away from spotting daffodils and sunning turtles. My garden is sound asleep under all the snow.


  11. Great post, love the boardwalks that lead over the wetlands, it piqued my interest when I saw that you parked at “Crabtree” Blvd! LOL-Sandi


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