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My cookware comes into the new century!

In case you didn’t notice, my cookware is from the last century. The blue T-Fal set I purchased in 1990 from Wal-Mart has been with me through college, moves from Beaufort to Morehead City to Greenville to New Bern and,finally, to Raleigh. Survived a thousand and one crazy roommates. It’s lived a good, long life.

Recently the fry pan has lost its nonstick properties. I think someone cleaned it improperly. No one will admit guilt or responsibility but I am pretty sure that is what must have happened after 21 years of service.

Instead of taking this as a defeat of my ability to properly caring for my things I decided to take it as an opportunity to upgrade!

But then all my fears of decision-making about what brand and what style to purchase sets in. Calphalon? Cusinart? Gee, have you seen the price? That would be giving up a house payment!

I already have two enameled cast iron Bella casserole pots (We call them Dutch Ovens on this side of the pond.) I purchased them from Macy’s during their after Christmas clearance sale last year for a very good price. I love them.


Then there are the accessories that some sets include. This could seal the deal or at least help me narrow down the choices? Or so I thought. Still too many choices! Should I get the new ceramic cookware that will replace Teflon when it is banned later this year? More choices! Aarrgg!

As is normal, my final decision was made by a good sale. I settled on T-Fal Balanced Living 10- piece set. It includes an egg poacher and a steamer. Two items I think I will use to create healthy meals in the coming year! They also have silicone coated handles and clear lids with a vent.


I love poached eggs so I broke in the egg poacher this morning! Starting with just one egg.


Simply place about an inch of water in the pan. Bring to a boil then turn it down to a simmer. Place the poacher in the pan and place the egg in the cup. Cover with the lid.


Wow! That was easy. About five minutes later I had a poached egg with the slightly runny center I love.


I was so excited I ate it before taking a picture! More to come as I practice with the steamer, too!

Yeah! Something new to play with when it is too cold to be out in the garden!

Danny Bloom has a good series on YouTube for the line as well:




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