Oh, December!

Cold keeps me inside and I begin to play around with my food, literally!

I try new recipes, make a few up, or make something I haven’t tried in a while.

I was thinking about eggs Benedict the other morning and came up with this.

Hard fried egg on toast with cheese and Sarachi.

A side of homemade cranberry sauce, too.


It hit the spot so out to the yard I go to clean off the patio, sidewalks, and pick up limbs and pine cones.

The Hellebore are blooming! They bloom in the Fall and Winter and the colors range from shades of burgundy or red to shades of white, ivory, or green. The evergreen leaves create a mound about 18 inches high and 2 feet wide.

This one is called Ivory Prince.


Gus continues his recovery from the TPLO surgery of nearly two months ago. I am even allowing him to sleep on my bed if its chilly at night! He doesn’t seem to have had any side effects – except for emptying my savings account!


Of course, I love to either end or begin my day with a visit to Cup A Joe on Hillsborough Street for some sort of coffee beverage. Below is a Chocolate Joe Juice – crushed ice, espresso, and Hershey’s Chocolate!


Join me sometime and enjoy!

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