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Harvesting culinary ginger.

The first hard frost was this week. When I say hard I mean 25f. Our typical winter temps are about 25f to 30f at night and in the 30s or 40s during the day.

Frost has killed the foliage of the culinary ginger in the garden so it’s time to harvest the roots. It’s a shame, though, because one plant was beginning to bloom and its the first time I have had that to happen.

Below is the bud and a small pink flower was peeking out the day before the frost.


The plants are now mushy from frost and have fallen over.


I simply pull and the root comes up.


I rinse the soil off in a bucket of water then pour the water and soil back into the garden bed.


Now I need to trim off the roots and clean the remaining soil by hand.


Ginger will last about two months in your vegetable crisper in a zip lock bag. You can also freeze it in small portions so its ready to use. Other methods are storing is to store it in jars of vodka as if its pickled. I might have to try that one!




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