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More Fall blooming plants

As the weather cools into Autumn, more Fall blooming plants are putting on a show!

Autumn Clematis



This one is on the mailbox. After it blooms I cut it back to only a main vine of about three feet. It grows back slowly during the winter and then in the spring takes off and covers any thing near.

After it blooms, it is covered with silvery seed heads. It reseeds easily and volunteers come up around the yard. It’s a great evergreen native vine.

Annual Poinsettia

A favorite fall blooming annual, that was collected as seeds by my grandmother in the 70s from a relative’s house on Ocracoke Island, is annual poinsettia. She grew them in her yard in Beaufort, NC. I brought the seed to my parent’s house in Morehead City and then to various gardens where I lived in Greenville during college and, finally, to my garden in Raleigh.

They can become weedy as they tend to reseed. The tops turn red in the Fall just like the Christmas poinsettia and they grow to a height of about three feet with several branches.


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