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JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University- Fall colors.

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This quick, fast Summer!

This summer has gone by so quickly! It seems so much has happened to distract me from the garden!

The heat and humidity has forced me to stay inside. Gus’s cancer treatments have forced me to only plant a vegetable garden this year and not the hundreds of annual around my half-acre lot which I usually plant. It’s a good thing as I do not need to water daily and endure the ticks and mosquitoes.

So I have been enjoying the gardens and plantings around Raleigh. The above planting in Cameron Village Shopping Center of alocasia, coleus, and lantana.

A blooming and fruiting pink banana at JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU.

The farmers market at NorthHills Shopping Center.

Naked ladies (lycoris squamiger) at JC Raulston

Rudbeckia lanciniata in my garden.

Jewel weed in my garden.

A pale pink rose-of-Sharon in my garden.

A small hydrangea bloom in my garden.

Monarda Jacob Cline in my garden.

Tiger lily in my garden.

Pineapple lily in my garden.

Hardy wandering Jew in my garden. (Tinantia pringlei ‘Panther’)

Woodland phlox in my garden.

Perennial sweet pea in my garden.

Pineapple lily

Unfortunately, one of the cats, Brody, was diagnosed with lung and stomach cancer and was euthanized.

Gus is still continuing his chemo for the lung cancer he was diagnosed with last winter and it has slowed its grown. It is expensive so I am not sure how long I will continue to afford it but for now we continue ….

With temperatures near 100f the Fiat 500 becomes very hot when sitting in a parking lot all day!  Whew!!

It’s hot!


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In the garden…. and events in the world.

The weather has been very hot the past few days. I think the temperatures hit about 95f (35c) the other day. So before it was too hot I walked around JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU this morning on my way to work. I love this view of the Asian Valley.

Yesterday, when I arrived home from work the Jewel weed in my garden were so wilted! I watered them heavily and checked on them after dark. They had mostly recovered! I hope they come through the heat unharmed!

In my garden the Jacob Cline monarda is a vivid hot pink in the sun!

Walking around downtown Raleigh I always love stopping at The Mecca Restaurant! Old-fashioned food at a restaurant which has been around since 1932 or something like that! The fishwich!

And local beer!

A gallery downtown near The Mecca has this simple display after the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre! A neon rainbow heart through a cutout and darkened window.

We later attended an interfaith memorial service for the victims in Orlando. Two rabbis and a preacher and an imam spoke. Then as they read all 49 names of those murdered a candle was lit for each victim. There were also musicians and everyone sang a few songs. The service can be viewed online:


Below is a picture of the a rabbi and an imam lighting candles for each victim as their name is read. (I appear in the video at the very end!)

Earlier in the day I was wondering…..

Why do people claim fast food is cheaper than healthy food? If you shop at good places like Aldi and not at expensive and trendy places (I will not name those places with the exception that we call one “Whole Paycheck). Just 69 cents for 12 eggs!!!

Downtown at dusk…..

It is tomato season ……

It is always iced mocha latte season at Cup A Joe!

We were able to sneak peak of a few minutes as Ellie Goulding preformed at The Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown.

I am always busy and on the move…..join me!


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