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Frost damage from the polar vortex.

We experienced what they were calling a polar vortex a few weeks ago where the temperatures were as low as 6 f! It did produce some damage to the leaves of a few plants. The very warm temperatures of the past few days has revealed this damage.

Camellia – Not too bad but the damage caused splotchy dead areas.


Bay laurel –  The leaves are dead. I will spend an afternoon picking these off by hand. May be time for a hard pruning.


Cast Iron Plant


Gardenia – This might be a season where they are severely pruned to encourage new growth and low branching.


Passion Flower vine – I will cut these to the ground and they will rapidly regrow and cover the trellis by the end of the Summer.


Holly Fern – I will only remove the damage fronds. Holly Fern fronds typicaly only last two seasons before they turn brown and die. New growth, which is erect, quickly covers the older leaves which lie on the ground.


Confederate Jasmine – These branches are dead. I will prune the dead branches off over the next few weeks.


Algerian Ivy- these are not dead but they will never be green again. New growth will quickly cover the damaged leaves.


TIP: Don’t throw away the lint from your dryer filter!


I put the felt-like pads on the squirrel feeders and the birds will use it to line their nest! I also put Gus’s shredded chew ropes once he has pulled them apart out for the birds to use as nesting material.


Spring Fever is contagious!


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