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A gardener in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. I began this blog only to document all the questions I was asked about gardening. It has grown as an attempt to regularly post ideas and things about gardening.

Blooming today

Perennial cucumber




Tropical day flower

khalli ginger

Annual poinsettia

Autumn clematis

Autumn clematis


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Are You Spoiling Your Favorite Forests and Preserves With Invasive Plants? Be Part of the Solution with These Simple Steps | Blog | Nature | PBS

While hiking through woods and wetlands, some nature-lovers are compromising the “unspoiled” places they enjoy most. They don’t mean to, of course. But scores of invasive, non-native plant species have made us all unwitting participants in their spread.
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Vacation day 1-Spokane, WA

Day One -Spokane

Manito Park and Botanical Gardens

Mantito Park

Spokane Falls and riverfront Park


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