The meadow along the curb..

Two summer seasons ago I had four large trees removed in the front of my half acre. The trees were ground into chips which were spread in the beds throughout the garden. I also had a load of top soil delivered which I used to fill in the damage from the cranes used to remove the trees and to level the yard and house which was built in 1959 and the road which was not paved until the 80s.

I seed this fresh dirt with about a pound of different wildflowers. The lawn grass has just about covered the new soil but the wildflower meadow is blooming well in its second season.

Other plants are blooming, too!

Old fashioned hydrangea
Oak leaf hydrangea
Perennial Sweet pea
IncrediBall hydrangea
Garden Cat


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2 responses to “The meadow along the curb..

  1. Your curb planting looks great.


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