The Phyllostachys vivax, the Chinese timber bamboo, is producing new culms …

Phyllostachys vivax is one of the hardiest timber bamboo. It will mature to 45 feet in height, with 3-4 inch diameter canes, but if given ideal conditions in SE USA, or China and Japan, it can grow to 70 feet and 5 inches in diameter. It is usually the quickest to attain large size in the PNW. Even though they have a large diameter, the culms have a thinner wall than average thus are not especially strong. They are very attractive and can be used for many craft or decorative projects, but not recommended for building grade material. Shoots from this bamboo are among the best eating, and are prolific in the late spring. Often the new shoots emerge in mid to late May, depending on the weather pattern which influences the soil temperature. middle left. This bamboo is over 30 feet tall and is growing on a raised berm that is less than 30 feet in circumference. A miniature grove has formed a very effective vertical screen.

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