Invasive Joro spiders with yellow stripes increase in Georgia

  • Invasive Joro spiders with yellow stripes increase in Georgia.

A colorful, invasive species of spiders known for spinning gold-colored webs has been spreading across Georgia for years now, and scientists say they aren’t going anywhere.

The Joro spider, a palm-sized arachnid with yellow stripes, is native to Asia, but has been out en masse this year in northern Georgia, less than a decade after they were first discovered there.

With a length of almost three inches and eye-catching colors, the spider may seem a bit intimidating, but experts say they aren’t interested in biting humans.

And despite their invasive species tag, Joro spiders don’t need to be killed. In addition to the benefits they provide as pest control, experts believe their rapid population growth will soon be naturally suppressed.

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