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The Italian custom of passeggiata.

The Italian tradition of passeggiata, a gentle and slow walk usually taken after dinner, is something I have embraced recently.

The Town of Cary is creating a lovely Central Park near the old downtown with landmarks, walkable streets, and many restaurants including a bottle shop and ice cream shop. The Main Street through this new park area is Academy Street which is where new public buildings such as the library are being build by the city and county and old building are repurposed.

Academy Street is at the center of this walk with at one end is the old Cary High School which was remodeled into The Cary Art Center.
The Cary Fountain
The new Cary Regional Library
First United Methodist Church of Cary
First United Methodist Church of Cary
The street scape is interesting. This one is herbs and vegetables such as cardoon and lavender and thyme with rosemary and there is a young bay laurel.
A beautiful Crossvine on a arbor in front of a restaurant.
New houses along a side street.
New townhouses along the perimeter of the new park.
Fresh. Local ice cream. Coffee flavored, of course.
La Farm Bakery
La Farm Bakery
The Cary Arts Center ( the old Cary High School)

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