After Hurricane Florence

In Raleigh we did not receive the worst of Hurricane Florence. The electricity did go off at 5 am Friday morning and did not come back on until 1pm Saturday,

In the middle of the storm the Colchicums bloomed! They are like giant fall crocus:

And a moonflower

And Passion flower

Here are some photographs from around Raleigh:

The Coast and Wilmington area are much worse…


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13 responses to “After Hurricane Florence

  1. Nice to see that you missed out on the brunt force of the storm.
    Happy Gardening


  2. I’m glad you are OK. I have been wondering how my blogger friends were doing in that area.


  3. I haven’t seen my autumn crocus this year. Maybe the summer drought has seen it off.
    Anyway, the hurricane sounds horrible – I’m glad your electricity is back on. A power cut of an hour is frustrating enough!


  4. I am glad to know that YOU are ALLRIGHT!!


  5. Exactly! That picture is from two hours inland! The coast had no electricity for almost a week and so much damage and lack of food! 😯


  6. Jerry

    I wonder how the animals faired during the storm? Was there any rescue groups out helping the animals in the Carolina’s?


  7. Jerry

    Did you have any damage from Hurricane Michael down there in the Carolina’s?


  8. Hmmm want to live in the country on a large piece of land? Near a large city or near the coast. Wilmington is closest to the ocean. Or Greenville is a good size University town half way between the capital,Raleigh, and the coast…


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