First frost but the garden is still going….

The was a first light frost down to about 29f  last week but many Fall bloomers are still in bloom….

The basjoo banana have a little bit of frost damage on the upper leaves


And eastern red maples are very colorful

And more maples

And I traveled to the coast of North Carolina over Thanksgiving and enjoyed the warm weather … and the various palms ..

Cabbage palmettos

A California fan palm (Washingtonia)

The Atlantic Ocean

Instead of a traditional thanksgiving dinner we had an oyster roast!




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7 responses to “First frost but the garden is still going….

  1. You’re lucky to still have colorful fall foliage to see. It’s gone here.


  2. Lovely to see shots of a place I’ve never experienced. Apart from anything else, I don’t think I’ve seen a boat on anyone’s lawn before.

    Great shots of the trees.


  3. That golden maple is beautiful. Your Thanksgiving looked fun and its nice to be outside.


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