First frost but the garden is still going….

The was a first light frost down to about 29f  last week but many Fall bloomers are still in bloom….

The basjoo banana have a little bit of frost damage on the upper leaves


And eastern red maples are very colorful

And more maples

And I traveled to the coast of North Carolina over Thanksgiving and enjoyed the warm weather … and the various palms ..

Cabbage palmettos

A California fan palm (Washingtonia)

The Atlantic Ocean

Instead of a traditional thanksgiving dinner we had an oyster roast!



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9 responses to “First frost but the garden is still going….

  1. You’re lucky to still have colorful fall foliage to see. It’s gone here.


  2. Lovely to see shots of a place I’ve never experienced. Apart from anything else, I don’t think I’ve seen a boat on anyone’s lawn before.

    Great shots of the trees.


  3. That golden maple is beautiful. Your Thanksgiving looked fun and its nice to be outside.


  4. Gorgeous colors!!! Hope your holidays have been great so far ! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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