Vacation to Minneapolis!

Last week we traveled to Minneapolis to check off a few things on Andy’s bucket list – namely to the Mary Tyler Moore house and the headwaters of the Missisppi river.

I am always fascinated with architecture and design. The Raleigh- Durham International Airport has recently been remodeled and I like the curved pressed beams for the roof supports.

I am always amazed that planes can fly!! Just seems amazing they stay in the air!

We flew through Chicago -O’Hare. View of the Chicago skyline from the airport.

Of course, we first visted the Como Zoo on our way to the hotel.

And the Minneapolis skyline on the drive-

And Minnehaha Falls Park.

On day two we drove to Itaska State Park and the headwaters of the Mississippi River- it’s flat farm land once you leave the city.

We also went to Bemidji! So many lakes in the area and our hotel was on Lake Bemidji.

First place to visit in Minneapolis when we came back to the city is Mary’s House!!! (Mary Tyler Moore)

And the Minneapolis visitor center

And the sculpture park at the Walker Art Center

And the churches.

The Catholic Basilica of Saint Mary

The United Methodist Church

The Lutheran Church

And historic industrial buildings and bridges

United States Post Office
And the warehouse district is revitalized with urban renewal like most cities.

Many conifers…

Temple Israel

My favorite area was the Lowry Hill district because of the local college and small shops

And IKEA for lunch, to preview what may be in our future  IKEA store and people watch…

And Lyndale Park and Rose Garden

And after five days…. the flight back

And now, to sleep in my own bed!


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15 responses to “Vacation to Minneapolis!

  1. Oh Mary! She was an inspiration for me. I packed my bags and moved far away on my own. And I did make it! Great tour, I really enjoyed it.

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  2. Hi Arthur,
    Thanks so much for your tour of Minneapolis, one of my very favorite cities ever! I went to school at U of Minn in 1984 and got acquainted with its beauty which you well represent here. It was a great way to start my day.

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  3. Great photos of a place I’ve never been!


  4. I am the photographer and I am camera shy.


  5. Wow! It looks like an awesome trip and of course, the photos were wonderful. I am glad you had a good time and thanks for sharing!


  6. Southernmaninral

    Very nice pictures and great website. Enjoy looking at your pictures. I’m just getting into gardening and find your page very useful..


  7. What a lovely trip the 2 of you made! Cool! I loved visiting it here & reading all about it! Cool photos!


  8. What a big trip the 2 of you made! You visited many places & all of your photos are amazing! I would happily have joined you! 🙂


  9. Hi thannks for sharing this

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