Time to plant the garden!!

Hot weather is here to stay therefore its time to plant the vegetable garden and the weather affords us the opportunity to explore the parks before the weather is too hot and humid.

I finally broke down and upgraded my phone so it’s like learning a new system when writing post on gardening so excuse my mistakes in my next few post! Always a work in progress!

One of my secret parks in Raleigh is the Jaycee Daylily garden. There is a large collection of daylilies, palms, and a short trail along a stream in the heart of the city.

Unfortunately it seems those female ticks are out and looking for a blood meal so they can lay eggs.

The Fred Fletcher Park is another favorite with a short trail along a stream through a wooded area on the old former Methodist Children’s Home property.

JC Raulston Arboretum at NCSU – I love the American native Coral Honeysuckle. A large flush of blooms in the Spring with periodic flushes throughout the Summer attracts hummingbirds

The WRAL azalea Gardens are beautiful now, too! A couple acres of azaleas directly behind the tv studios.

Tomatoes are a staple in Southern gardens. I plant mine using the “trench method”. I purchase leggy plants and bury the long stems in a trench. Roots will form along the stem and provide addition roots for water during those hot Summer months.

This meme fits me!

And I found this guide for natural egg dyes and will be playing around with these one night this week..

Back on track….


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3 responses to “Time to plant the garden!!

  1. My grandfather taught me how to dye eggs with onion skins. That was probably their only dye back then. Have fun!


  2. Please let me know when you start seeing hummingbirds. I am hoping that the plantings I have will attract them. I don’t remember when they show up


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