A wee bit of snow…

We had a few inches of snow in the Piedmont of North Carolina this past weekend.

Lily was not impressed!



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4 responses to “A wee bit of snow…

  1. Ashley

    Arthur are you going to cook me a chargrilled steak and a baked potatoe with a crisp fresh salad with fresh bacon croutons shredded cheese and homemade ranch dressing!!! Then wash it down with an ice cold pepsi!!! Are you snowed in??? I remember your pretty smile and curly hair. Let’s hang out have a few drinks and catch up!!!! Where are Raleigh are you? I live in Clayton near percey Flower’s store…I’d love to catch up on old times and see you in person real soon!!! Always thought you were handsome even when you would wear your glasses. Get back with me!!!!!! Ashley


  2. At our house, it was last night! On the roof of the cars, there is + 10 cm of snow! Cold too: – 8°C!


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