Blooming today…

Incediball hydrangea 

Gus and old-fashioned hydrangea 

Basjoo bananas, hydrangea, gingers 


Hyperion daylily 

Double orange daylily 

Heaven (iced mocha latte)

Are they not cute! Poppy the whippet and Andy!

The Updated Agenda –

Now get to work!!!! Be the change!


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7 responses to “Blooming today…

  1. gigimelo

    Oh, your garden so pretty already, I live in zone 6, and flowers here come slowly… The hydrangeas look so beautiful, I love them. This year, due to frost we had around Feb/Mar, mine are not going to bloom 😦


    • Thanks. You should try the Endless Summer strain of hydrangeas. They bloom on old and new wood so you will have a better chance of blooms after a rough winter. Old-fashioned hydrangeas only bloom on two-year old wood so if they are damaged by cold you may not have blooms. Thanks for the note!


  2. Your garden is looking just wonderful! Can’t you get married in your state? In Belgium, it is leagalized since many years! xxx

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